Moore Medical Practice Nutrition

Moore Medical Practice NutritionDr Anna Moore, a specialist in Nutritional Medicine can advise you as to the nutritional approach to most conditions. For some patients, this will be in addition to the treatment recommended by the GP, while for others, it may be the preferred therapeutic route in the first instance. Being doubly qualified in Medicine and Nutrition, she will be able to provide a comprehensive assessment of your problem and the best way forward. 

Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity or all three, nutrition will be a very important element of your future treatment. It is not necessary to wait until you develop a problem to tackle your diet. Many patients come for a Nutrition Check in mid life, to ensure that they are doing the right thing when it comes to their diet and that of their families.

Dr Anna Moore is a registered PronoKal prescribing doctor and can administer this very effective weight loss program for suitable candidates.

The problems most commonly treated include:

  • Weight management
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive problems and IBS
  • Diabetes
  • Menopause and PMT
  • Dyslexia and ADHD